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Choosing An Exhaust Fan; What Is To Be Considered?

Choosing An Exhaust Fan; What Is To Be Considered?

When you have a kitchen that you love to work in, life could not be better. A kitchen is actually the life and soul of a house, and someone who is passionate about cooking would truly care enough to make sure that their kitchen is the best place in the world for them. They would also make sure that their kitchen is a clean, cool and comfortable place than a dirty, hot, greasy and uncomfortable place as most kitchens usually are. One factor as to why kitchens become this way is because they have no proper ventilation at all. With no ventilation, the kitchen becomes a very unclean and frustrating place to be in. One main way to avoid this issue is by installing a commercial kitchen exhaust canopy. By doing so, you are enabling a way for all the dirty and polluted air from your kitchen to be taken outside while the air in your kitchen remains healthy. It is also going to suck out all the excess heat in your kitchen as well. With all these benefits of owning a fan, how are you going to select the best one?


The CFM number is defined as cubic feet per minute and it is the how the power of an exhaust canopy is usually measured. This in short means the power the hood has to take in the amount of unclean air in a minute. Therefore, higher the CFM value, the more air it takes up sooner and lower the CFM value the less air it takes up within a minute. Of course the CFM value depends on other factors like the size, the stove power etc but it is important to know this value in order to make sure you that you are making the right purchase for your kitchen.

The sound

The kitchen fan does emit a certain sound when it is switched on and this sound is measured by a unit called sones. Sones mean the unit of hearing a human can endure. A reason why some people do not like these fans is because they can become a bit loud at times, but this is only if you make the wrong purchase. While you can check and get your exhaust fan motor repair done if you think your fan is really having trouble, but most of the time a sound is indicating a smoothly running machine. Check for the sound of the exhaust hood you are planning to purchase to make sure it is nothing out of the ordinary at all and something you are willing to put up with.

The price

These fans in reality are quite inexpensive especially if you make the right choice. Checking for the price is pretty important and this applies even more if you are someone with a certain budget in mind. Talk to a few sellers, check a few fans out for yourself before you come across the perfect price for you. Try negotiating prices as well as that too can help you out.

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