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Effective Waste Management At Your Resort

Resorts are places where a lot of people stay over, mostly for extended period of time. These resorts may be big, small, expensive, cheap or totally over the top. People come to resorts to have a good time, to forget about their routines and to be pampered to the fullest possible extent. There is no denying that people at resorts make a lot of mess and well, the reality is, as resort owners, you are paid to clean up after them. Regardless of the size or type of the resort, the responsibility of waste management falls on the resort’s expense. It is a job that is not a walk in the park or is loved by many people. But yet, it needs to be done, for both legal and sanitary purposes. Here are some effective ways to ensure that your waste management is effective and easier.

Sort your waste

It is very easy to manage waste if you start sorting them. Sorting waste shouldn’t be done by your staff exclusively, but also by the guests too. That’s right! You can get your guests to actually do the most basic sorting for you. Place colour coded garbage containers in visitors’ rooms and any other place where guests are likely to dispose garbage. Make sure that you inform them of your waste management system and the requirement to place the right kind of waste in the right containers right at check-in. You can purchase several skip bins to empty all the accumulated waste at the end of the day. This way you will have to only put minimum effort into waste management.

Use your waste

This may come as a surprise to many resort owners, but you can actually use your waste. If you haven’t thought about this seriously, it is high time that you did so. Do you really want to pay all that money to a waste disposal company to haul your skip bins at Bris-Skips Pty Ltd at the end of the day? You can reduce the amount of money that you spend of waste disposal dramatically if you start re-using some of those waste. You can definitely use the biodegradable waste to produce compost fertilizer for your plants. There are numerous books and documentaries on how you can recycle and re-use your plastic and other waste, at minimal cost.

Plan ahead

Last, but not the least, all it takes at the end of the day to manage waste effectively is to plan ahead. Plan on how much food you require, how much of plastic is need and how many things you can recycle right in your resort itself. Once you do, you will see that waste management is not such a headache after all!

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