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How To Dispose Asbestos Properly

How To Dispose Asbestos Properly

dispose asbestos properly

Hazardous/special waste

According to waste management authority any waste with more than 0.1% asbestos disposal in gold coast is highly hazardous for human health and should immediately be disposed of in a proper manner with double packaged containers and zip locked bags. Similarly if your personal protective equipment or clothes becomes contaminated with asbestos you should dispose them immediately as asbestos removal process is not so simple and requires some professional techniques.

Labelling asbestos items

Make sure you label the items as contaminated with asbestos whenever you dispose them off or even send them for cleaning or asbestos removal. Never mix asbestos waste with any other type of waste. Normal waste should never be mixed with asbestos waste. Licensed contractors use red, thick plastic sacks with asbestos warnings printed on the outside to dispose of asbestos contaminated waste.

Storing and transporting asbestos waste

For transportation and storage asbestos contaminated items must be stored in a sealed container like locked skip, or sealed wrapping with clearly marked asbestos warning sign labelled on it. All asbestos waste should comply with the CDGR, Carriage of Dangerous Goods Regulations.

Asbestos dumping sites

Always make sure the site you are disposing your asbestos waste to is authorized for receiving asbestos or not. Without having a waste management license or an authorized pollution prevent and control permit they should never be sent any kind of asbestos containing waste. Dump the contaminated waste in a land with a specific permit to accept asbestos,

Equipment having asbestos

There are many home appliances and equipment that contains asbestos and you may never knew about it. For instance your oven in the kitchen, oven gloves, fire blankets, and ironing surfaces. Some old cars can have asbestos in their brake pads and clutches.

Asbestos-contaminated land

Poor housekeeping at industrial sites and mixing clean mud with demolition services based in gold coast rubble by poor waste disposal practices can produce asbestos-contaminated soil. This type of soil is classified as hazardous waste or special waste. And it should be disposed of properly following all necessary rules and processes to dispose of asbestos contaminated waste.

Asbestos pipes

Cemented asbestos pipes that are really old are the property of water companies and they should always keep records of condition of the pipes and where they are located. If any traces of asbestos are found buried in the old cemented pipes of the water company where you work will be considered as your duty to deal it as hazardous or special waste contaminated with asbestos and you will be obliged to dispose it off with proper care and all the steps told above in order to save yourself and the environment you are living in.

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