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What Is Sandblasting

What Is Sandblasting

Sandblasting is a furnishing technique which involves high power machines also known as air compressors to integrate sand particles under high pressure on a surface to give it a smoother finish. This technique is also known as abrasive blasting in sydney. The reason this method is called sandblasting is because this method involves fusion or blasting of minute sand particles into the surface. After the smooth finish is obtained the surface is then polished evenly for a beautiful sand like finish.

The process of Sandblasting

The first step involves pouring of the entire sand is a sandblasting machine through the top chamber of the machine, an air compressor is then connected to the machine that forces the sand particles out of the handheld nozzle of the compressor. The pressure of the sand should be maintained between 50 to 130 pounds per square inch depending upon the settings. Under extreme pressure the sand will be then abrasively blasted across the entire surface and compressed against it that will create the smoothest flat surface of the integrated sand, the same process is done with concrete which gives it the beautiful flawless texture after polishing.

Difference between sandblasting and shot blasting

There are various surface finishing processes and sandblasting is just one of them, there comes another type known as shot blasting. Shot blasting aids in smoothing and flattening even more rough and rigid surfaces hence it is more effective and abrasive process. Now here comes the question of the main difference between sandblasting and shot blasting. What the actual difference is?

As discussed above, the process of sandblasting involves blasting of sand against the surface whereas on the other hand in shot blasting metal balls or small beads like pebbles are propelled against the surface hence it involves more abrasive air compression to smooth out the surface as compared to sandblasting where only the sand particles are infused.

Sandblasting applications/uses

Sandblasting can be used for multiple surfaces like to clean surfaces, to remove paint and rust from walls, for cleaning various tools, for giving a form or a shape to small items lime nuts and bolts, for industrial purposes, for street cleaning purposes, for cleaning the metal surfaces, and the most important application is on floor surfaces to give it smoother and beautiful finish. The air pressure used in sandblasting process is so high that it can easily clean any rigid or sough surface very easily and removes dust and dirt as well as old paint coats to give it a brand new surface look to work on. For more information visit:

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